This website is really interesting to us. Our teacher will teach us how to become a blogger at the end of the semester. My purpose here is to have a experience to post my article. Second is to make sure how very good I am in writing and posting. Third is to show my emotion or to express my feelings in writing.

Were studying at University Of Cebu Maritme Education And Training Center. Here in our campus  we were train descipline and respectful. Our teacher in English 2 tells us to this website, he says we will become a blogger if we study well. So we are here to express our emotion. Our subject helps us  a lot because our english 2 is the best subject.

University Of Cebu Maritime Education And Training Center, teach us how to become a seafarer, and to be a successful navigator. Here we are snappy, and respectful. Our english2 subject is very strick. We are always writing words 200 above. But thats okay its a part of being student taht will become a navigator someday.

Im expecting that I will become a blogger. Now im a beginner. I don’t know how to advertise, feature my article. But no worries im just getting started. My God will help me in small things that I  do not know because I have a great and awsome God.

Im expecting to my readers is when you make a n article or before posting it. we must pray because our God will give you and give you wisdom. And everyting you do God will give you wisdom. It’s not easy to become a successful navigator or becoming a blogger because theres struggles and hindrances but, our God says “Take Heart I Overcome the World” =)



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