My Sinulog Experience

In my sinulog experience we woke up early. We ROTC units woke up early because we will be holding the rope or crowd control. But before we go, we buy some food and drinks. We eat our breakfast because if we dont eat our b-fast we will be lacking of enertgy. After eating my breakfast, we rush to go back because the bus is waiting but we are too late.

After my prepation, I wear my shoes and leave the dormitory. While were walking my friends buy some candies for all of us. When we reach the highway all PUJ busses are full of passengers. We walk and walk and walk. Then suddenly my friend see’s a PUJ then we rush to ride it.

While were on the PUJ were talking and laughfing. We talk so many jokes, even the driver was laughfing at our jokes. It was a great morning for me. There are so many girls walking around the streets. All my friends were shouting and saying “Morning Glory”.

After riding a PUJ bus we walk to UC-MAIN because we will be having our attendance. While I am walking  I didn’t se muy classmates at our battalion. After that while were taking our attendance there are some pain of slap i felt, because my classmates are slapping each other because they were bored. Our battalion commander was pretty all my classmates were fall inlove with her.

While our commander was taking an attendance, they were making pick up lines for her. But they are corny. After having an attendance all ROTC units was preparing and lining. While they are marching they are shouting “Yeah!” because they are excited. After that we  go to our assigned position.

After we assign our position, the sun becomes hotter and hotter. We were thirsty but lucky me because I prepare my water. At exactly 8am the parade starts all crowd was getting crazy. We hold the ropes tight because the crowd was eagering to watch the parade. But we stop them.

At 9am there were sime ladies at the truck was dancing. They were sexy all the boys was shouting because the girl was very hot. While Im holding the rope I realize that I was hungrybut thanks to me I have my own snack. The crowd was crazy they were eagering to see the parade. But they can’t handle us because were the crowd control.

While were holding the ropes, finally the actors/superstars arrived. The people were crazier than before they were shouting so badly even an old wowen was shouting too. They were jumping and passing the rope and me, I was holding the rope so tight and pushing the crowd back. But the crowd did not mind what i was talking about. The actors was throwing some candies and other kinds of stuff.

After that Coco Martin arrive, men! the people was crazier than before. They were shouting and shouting. THey were saying and shouting “Probinsyano” I was upset because they were shouting neat at my ears. The crowd was crazy super crazy they don’t mind even there child was getting hurt. After Coco Martin I was eating my lunch because all my energy was run out.

At the evening comes there are some fireworks display, im enjoying it because, it is so light. The girls was very hot, I want to get there numbers but I was too shy. I don’t relaize that I was tired because of the girls all around me. After that we walk from colon up to UC-METC. When we arrived I feel tired and sleep very well. =)



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