My English 2 Experience

My English 2 experience is very important to be, because it helps me a lot in social media making and posting articles. When I’m making a poem, I’m focusing, concentrating to make a good article. It is more difficult when our english teacher instructor will give atleast ten to twenty comments, but it is okay because it is a part when you are a student. My english 2 experience was a great memory to me because I felt happy, joyful and amazing but that I became awsome, awsome because at my age I can write my own article and post in in the enternet..

In our subject we need discipline because, a student needs concentration, analyzation and memorization to have a good marks. It helps us a lot. My experience in posting was a good because it adds knowledge to me everytime I post an article in wordpress and my inspiration is my teacher and also my classmates. It was a good days when my teacher is talking jokes and we all laughfing together, but also my classmates are jokers too. For me English subject is just like my second home because I feel comfortable and no worries. In the class we are happy, kind and discipline to make our teacher happy.

What I learn is to have a self study discipline and focus, because if you don’t do this it will be more difficult to pass this subject, because this subject is very strick. It teach how tobe brave, smart and excellence to make our selves successful. I learn also how to make a poem in wordpress, and how to type it when your going to post it. And also I will never forget the words that we were memorize about and the pronunciation of the difficult words that its hard to pronounce it.

What will I do now, because I have already a experience how to make a poem and then post it in the enternet, is to share it to my friends and classmates because I will tell them how great it is to make a such a wonderful poem coming from your heart expressing it to hte highes level and post it in the enternet. So that they can also teach thier friends and friends of their friends, and also how to express your emotion in making such a wonderful poem.

English 2 is unforgetable to me because it is very important to our course, because someday we can use this when we are on the ship. It will help us in our job and also guide it in the near future. Having  a experience in English 2 makes my life new because I became a man because I became a discipline and educated man. English 2 is very important because, at the end of the semester we will become a blogger becase my teacher will teach us if we believe in him because he is my teacher not only my teacher but also my hero.


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