Why Will Rodgrigo Duterte Will Be My Philippine President 2016

Well, I choose him because he is looking at he peaoples work, finding a way, and using military to solve the problems imidiately. He is a man of intigrity and he is not corrupt like the other politicians. Rodrigo Duterte is my President because he is a man of intigrity, discipline and intellectual leadership. He always stop crimes as soon as possible and maybe he is the man who holds the key to become this country a successful. one time I saw him walking with the people, giving them food and playing with the childrens . That was very inspiring to me because he helps the poor people instead of being lazy and not doing his responsibilities. Mr.Rodrigo Duterte for me will help the people,feed the people and will find his way to become a successful President.

At this time, for me he is my hero because hes always focusing what he will do and thinking about the country to stop crimes. I think Rodrigo Duterte is a man of faith, aman of trust and a man of justice. He is my President because there will be no crime and no bullies and this country will be peaceful, no drug addicts and drug pushers holdapers and no rebels. I need him as my President because he is faithful to his words, trustworthy leader and respectful to all people. Many perople will become discipline of his job, because today there are so many people choosing drugs, shabu or marijuana instead going to school and to be an educated person. People today are looking,finding a good leadership and helping people. Many people will not be hungry because he will privide and there will be no corrupt, and I think he will also lower the price in the markets because todays price are very expensive. Rodrigo Duterte is a man of focus, serious and intigrity.

He shows no mercyin all criminals, because he does not want or like addicts and drug pushers because tjats a problem in our country and it might be cause more problems in our country as well. If he become the President of the Philippines this coming May 2016 elections he will improve our country, and also he will let the people discipline, friendly and hospitable. So that we will becom a friendly country and it may cause many tourist will visit our country. I think the Philippines also will help, provide and support every nations if there will be no corruption and politicians problem. I choose Rodrigo Duterte to become President because our country will be peaceful, safe and wonderful.



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