Why I’m A Proud UC-METC Student



                I’m a proud that I am a UC-METC student, because we are train here to become a successful navigator. I choose this course because I want to travel the world and help also my family not only my family but my friends. Now I am here studying at University Of Cebu Maritime Education Training Center, I am so proud because we are not lacking of equipments that we need in our laboratory its all complete and everything is here, and also my future is in here because I choose to become a nautical student, because someday by God’s will I will become a Captain of a ship and my goal is to feed the people and help them because that was my mother told be to help others.

There are many companies here like, Maersk Line, Stolt Nielsen, Imec, Inc etc. I choose maersk line as my favorite company because it is a large company and it is also International Shipping Lines that travels the entire world to deliver the products. My course is slightly difficult for me because there so many formulas that you are going to solve, and it needs knowledge to understand what you are calculating or solving problems. and also i would like to thank Sir Gianne Rensen Anthonio because he teach us very well and also he teach us how to become a blogger and to have a motivation to have a interest to our studies. He is slightly strick but he will always be the best teacher for me. Now, I lived here in Cebu City because I am studying nautical, and I am so proud of my course and proud to be a UC-Metcians.


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