My English 2 Experience

My English 2 experience is very important to be, because it helps me a lot in social media making and posting articles. When I’m making a poem, I’m focusing, concentrating to make a good article. It is more difficult when our english teacher instructor will give atleast ten to twenty comments, but it is okay […]

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Bisaya Poem

An imung mata murag bituon sa kalangiton, An ngibil murag sibuyas sa kapulapula. Ang imong buhok suma’kaitom sa kagabihon, Ang imung lawas murag botilya sa Coca Cola.   Karon lang naka masulti akon tinudanay na nabatyagan, Dugay nako nga naghuwat ug giandaman, Karon naa naka di na nako tika sayangan.   An umung dugo kinabuhi […]

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English Poem

Looking at the stars, siting on a rock, Can you hear the sound of a clock? The night is cold and the door is closed, I have nothing to wear, just my ordinary clothed.   The sun rise to the east and goes to the west, I am still waiting here, taking a rest. For […]

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My Sinulog Experience

In my sinulog experience we woke up early. We ROTC units woke up early because we will be holding the rope or crowd control. But before we go, we buy some food and drinks. We eat our breakfast because if we dont eat our b-fast we will be lacking of enertgy. After eating my breakfast, […]

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This website is really interesting to us. Our teacher will teach us how to become a blogger at the end of the semester. My purpose here is to have a experience to post my article. Second is to make sure how very good I am in writing and posting. Third is to show my emotion […]